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Pay-per-click (PPC) is a variety of online ad service based on the concept of charging advertiser fees for actual interactions with their placements (i. e. clicks). This can be viewed as an offer to acquire viewers for your resource. PPC is a largely popular approach for search service adverts. Your ad content will show up in the upper search hits whenever a prospective user is looking up the specified key terms. CPMSHARK is a PPC-oriented team that cooperates with advertising community to provide them quality toolkits and sources in order to deliver top-level click-through-based marketing endeavors. Our team utilizes program tools from the frontiers of online advertisement that ensure the maximized proficiency. CPMSHARK’s expertise, algorithmization and innovative solutions are founded on the decade of work in the advertising field and are aimed at the optimization of our clientele’s experience and outcomes. You get higher user activity, efficient lead generation, and exponentially increasing revenues.
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For Advertisers
Simplest way to advertiser
Choose your targeting
Geography and keywords
Real-time statistics
Monitor you campaign efficiency
For Publishers
Quickest way to make money from
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Every click counts
Timely payments
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Take advantage of result-oriented adverts to produce growing numbers of leads. CPMSHARK’s primary vision is the multiplying of our clientele’s returns by implementing the futuristic proprietary technologies. We uncompromisingly outperform competitors and expand the traditional consensus understanding of web marketing. We realize your commercial projects by implementing economic methodologies based on decade of experience and a huge partner database. Cooperating with CPMSHARK you are always warranted the top revenues for you web ad endeavors. With an amazing mix of tend-setting tools and expert staffers, we push your campaigns forward and beyond.
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Dealing with all imaginable monetizing approaches and traffic sources we warrant full visibility of your advertised items. With CPMSHARK you’ll always get the desired amount of traffic. World-wide outreach and maximized returns, fast and convincing!
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I have previously dealt with a number of web ad companies, and I am convinced CPMSHARK are the leaders in the field. Their managers were very competent and courteous upon our first contact, and further they demonstrated great strategic capacity, not to mention their wonderful bounty offers and generally more than affordable pricing policies. They were able to design the campaign that perfectly resonates with my requests, with optimized use of costs and maximized benefits. I was especially impressed with their analytic tools and the precision of targeting and profits expectations.


I set a very challenging goal for me and potential ad partners, so I wanted to meet real professionals. I’ve come across CPMSHARK via recommendations plus a good reputation and top search results. So I though, “If they were able to promote themselves, they will do it for their clients”. I so I got in touch, and this resulted in an efficient partnership and a successful customized solution for my task. The team was able to find the right methods and proper pathways to best outcomes, so I attest that their standing is well-deserved.


CPMSHARK is my suggestion to people expecting broad outreach, long-time experience, great reliability, promising business plans, and the cutting-edge tools. I have successfully launched my enterprise with the help of this team, and I see pretty much fantastic results. With CPMSHARK you can be sure in getting only positive emotions and skyrocketing sales statistics. Honest, trustworthy, and competent!


I am myself a long-running specialist in advertising area, so you can’t put a con on me. I was looking for an intermediary for publishing my adverts, and, upon doing a considerable research and interviews, I chose CPMSHARK. My experience shows that this company is the true giant in the advertising field. They are intelligent, knowledgeable, reliable, client-oriented, and, what really matters most, they prove their theories in practice!

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Service Terms

The terms we are going to describe are to be accepted by all the users of
If you want to apply the services offered by, it is required reading and understanding our terms.
CPMSHARK is responsible for the site operation. We are also free to change our terms any time without notifications. Every visitor must keep to CPMSHARK’s rules and terms of service. Any terms from CPMSHARK’s agreements must also be regarded.

1. CPMSHARK Privacy Policy
On, you can find all the useful information concerning our Privacy Policy and find the answers to the questions on this issue. We will provide you with the data concerning the purposes we apply the private information for and the ways of its usage. The privacy of every user is CPMSHARK’s first concern.

2. CPMSHARK Copyright Protection
CPMSHARK has its copyright protected. This protection covers:
• logos
• texts
• interface
• any files
• our terms.
It is forbidden to do the following with any of CPMSHARK materials:
• copy
• publish
• display (anywhere)
• repost, etc.
The exception is the cases when a user has a corresponding permission from CPMSHARK. If permission is received, it is still forbidden to copy, distribute, change/delete any of the materials.
Any visitor can apply the information in order to find out the location data or for the non-commercial aims.

3. CPMSHARK Trademarks
CPMSHARK has the official registration. Thus, we are under the protection of the laws. Copying of imitating the materials from the website is forbidden. It does not concern the cases when a user has permission.
The elements of CPMSHARK’s trademarks:
• icons
• headers
• scripts
• graphics.
Any elements of the trademarks owned by the other companies and displayed on are under the protection of their owners.
The visitors can apply the materials of CPMSHARK for the personal/non-commercial purposes only.
It is a crime to apply the obtained data for any other aims or resell the information.

4. Rules of Linking
It is possible to make links to However, you can’t use the website for any destructive/bad purposes. In order to make use of any kind of materials presented on, you require our official permission.
The outside links might be presented on If a user clicks on them, he/she carries the responsibility for the consequences. CPMSHARK is not responsible for the information presented on the outside resources. All the risks are taken by the visitors.

5. The Use of CPMSHARK site
CPMSHARK wants the visitors to behave in a moral, reasonable, and respectful way. If you read this, you give your consent to keep to the rules described by CPMSHARK. It is not allowed abusing the services of CPMSHARK or the resource itself. You must not:
• interfere with the security of the other visitors
• interfere with the accounts of the users
• meddle in the enjoyment of the other visitor
• dispute CPMSHARK/affiliates/associated resources.

The restrictions of the CPMSHARK access must also be regarded by all the visitors. Applying CPMSHARK, a user should respect the laws. CPMSHARK is not responsible for the products or services, which are presented on our website by the other companies/businesses.
CPMSHARK is able to protect a user if any problems concerning the Trademarks or Copyright issues occur. DMC Act is fully regarded by our resource.
If any violations of the rules are found on the site, it is necessary to send the information to the CPMSHARK agents in the following way:
- it is required owning a specific signature given by the owner of the copyright
- a user must have a registration number and a proof of a trademark
- it is required showing the corresponding content
- you should leave your email/phone number/address in order to receive the correspondence
- it is necessary to indicate the statement and give the explanations, why the materials seem to be copyrighted to you
- the information presented must be reliable and accurate (make certain you also have a corresponding authorization for a complaint)
- contact CPMSHARK’s agents.

6. Indemnification Agreement of CPMSHARK
Every visitor accepts to carry the blame in the cases of a claim made by the other users if:
• non-moral actions
• damages to the other users
• disrespectful behavior.

7. Submitted Materials
CPMSHARK cannot promise the absolute confidentiality of the following materials:
• the user’s statements
• the user’s questions/comments (and other posted materials)
• the user’s ideas (including plans/graphics)
• the user’s personal information (being sent via email or in the other way).
If you provide CPMSHARK with any types of such materials, CPMSHARK becomes an owner of them, while you have no rights for them any longer. CPMSHARK can apply the materials, as they want without payments or any notifications.

8. CPMSHARK Disclaimer of Warranty
All the users of give their consent that:
• products
• materials
• texts, etc.
are presented as they are.
Applying any other above, a user carries all the possible risks. We are not responsible for the title and disclaim any other warranties. It is required making certain that the user is not dependable on any information/materials displayed on and on the associated resources. If you make a decision to use them following the links from or downloading any materials from them, you carry the full responsibility (including the possible damages to your computer or other device, data losses or other software problems). CPMSHARK carries no responsibility for such consequences. CPMSHARK is not responsible for:
• reliability of the other resources
• services offered by the other companies
• goods presented by the other parties
• materials displayed by the other visitors on

It does not concern the cases when the opposite is indicated in the CPMSHARK’s documents.
There are no guarantees that the data/materials displayed on will meet the users’ requirements. There might be:
• errors/lags
• interruption of access
• file corruption
• security problems.
CPMSHARK carries no responsibility for the problems enumerated above. There is not a guarantee that the problems occurred will be fully solved.

9. CPMSHARK Liability Limitations
CPMSHARK and our associated resources can carry the responsibility for the damages caused by:
• CPMSHARK application
• prevention of CPMSHARK application
• content displayed on
• illegal access to the entries on, etc.
The damaged we are responsible for might include:
• the loss of access
• the loss of information
• the loss of profit, etc.
We abide by the laws, which forbid limiting the liability for any type of damage.

10. Legal Obligations
The European Laws rule the terms of CPMSHARK. With any legal actions connected with the presented terms, it is required addressing to the European Court.

11. CPMSHARK Termination Rules
CPMSHARK has a right to terminate the user’s access to the site by means of:
• deleting an account
• preventing the access.
The measures might be taken without a notification. CPMSHARK can do it on their own decision.
The user’s site or services application might be changed on CPMSHARK’s own decision.

12. Exceptions from CPMSHARK Terms of Service
In a case when any point of the rules described is proved to be unlawful, is will be immediately eliminated from the terms. However, all the rest of the points in the terms will stay the same. Every user must keep regarding them.
CPMSHARK does not honor the refuse to follow the presented rights and conditions. In order to refuse following any of the conditions, it is necessary to sign a specific document.
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CPMSHARK is responsible for the work of this site. We work to protect the privacy of each visitor. The current Privacy Policy allows Myadsbro carry the responsibility for the security of the information provided by our users. The privacy of the latest is Myadsbro’s priority.
The current Policy has the data on:
• the visitor’s information application
• the CPMSHARK’s methods of the private data protection.

1. The Application of the Visitors’ Information
CPMSHARK can use the following types of information:
• detailed information (which is provided by our visitors)
• the data about the visitors found out from the services they use
• information from the visits on
• information from the visits on the other resources accessible from
• additional data from the participation of the visitors in different promotions or competitions offered on
• additional data from the feedback on

How CPMSHARK uses the visitors’ data?
The main reason to gather the information about the visitors is to provide them with the better services and make them more personalized.
The contact data might be applied for:
• news offers
• services offers
• products advertising and various marketing issues
• company information correspondence
• any other type of information of your interest
• communication with the user.
The following ways to contact a user can be employed:
• email
• post
• fax
• phone calls.

There are several reasons to use such kinds of data:
1) billing
2) surveys
3) auditing
4) verification of payments
5) screening (cards, credits, etc.)
6) visitors control (for instance, immigration issues)
7) the visitors’ safety
8) accounting
9) statistics and marketing analysis
10) health
11) administrative purposes
12) legal aims, system testing
13) development/maintenance of
14) effective cooperation with the visitors.
CPMSHARK hopes for the feedback from the users. It might help improve the operation of the website and the services provided. That’s why we will ask for your point of view via:
• fax
• phone
• email
• post.
In particular situations, CPMSHARK can contact the users in order to consider the issues of operation and administration of the services provided. To administer, develop, and support, we can collect certain data about the visitors.
The collected information about the visitors is stored in CPMSHARK’s system, which can be at our premises or at the one owned by the 3rd party (with the corresponding right to operate for Myadsbro). In certain situations, the information about the visitors can be processed outside Europe.

2. The Tracking system of
The tracking software is applied on, which helps:
• monitor traffic patterns of the users
• control the application of
• develop the web interface
• improve the layouts.
Thus, is able to meet the requirements of the users.
The software of such type never gathers any personal/identifying information.

3. Request for the personal data
The users can ask for the data, which has collected about them. There is a stated procedure, which is as follows:
3.1. Make a request.
3.2. Wait for the response up to 10 working days.
3.3. Give the additional information if necessary (you will have up to 30 days to give it to CPMSHARK).
If the additional data is not given within the required period, the request is to be automatically archived. If you need to get the information again, you will have to make a new request.
CPMSHARK never gathers the CCTV footages (as they might be captured by the fraudsters). The call recordings are to be deleted after 90 days.
If any questions on the issue of the information described above occur, the users can contact CPMSHARK via email or any other appropriate way.

4. Security & data retention. The protection of the users’ information
The information about CPMSHARK’s visitors is encrypted and carefully transmitted. We abide by the data protection acts (1984 and 1998 UK Acts). In particular cases, the Swiss Law might be applied.
CPMSHARK follows the strict procedure of processing and storing the users’ information. We also keep to the strictest rules concerning the disclosure of any users’ data. Thus, CPMSHARK can prevent the illegal actions concerning your personal or identifying information.
If CPMSHARK requires uncovering any data, a particular request will be sent to the user. In a case when it is necessary to share the user’s information with the 3rd parties, CPMSHARK guarantees the same strict processing procedures and security measures. The latest does not refer to the situation when the user’s data should be given to the 3rd parties according to the law. In such cases, the information might be retained for a period required by the law.

5. Cookies
Every user should understand the issue of cookies. They are small parts of data, which are stored in the computer or the other devices by the browser. The process is automatic but if a user wants, he/she can opt out the function anytime and delete the information from the hard drive. The settings can be easily changed in order to avoid the storage.
The work of and all the features are available without enabling the cookies. Storing the information, the cookies never touch any sensitive data (such as identifying information of the users).
The sphere of cookies application by CPMSHARK includes the email messages (which the users accept to receive). When a user follows the links from the emails, the cookies can be automatically installed in the browser by CPMSHARK. also contains cookies. By means of them, we can:
• measure the effectiveness of the adverts
• analyze the peculiarities of application.
When a user clicks on a link from the email message, CPMSHARK can find out how you work with We can understand it by means of cookies and pixels combinations, which contains. Thus, CPMSHARK can understand the following:
• the user’s interests
• the user’s dislikes
• helpful information CPMSHARK can provide a user with
• useless information
• the preferred spheres of the user.
By means of such function, we will be able to send only interesting and useful information to our users.
Every visitor of must understand that no 3rd party can use the received data. The application is allowed for CPMSHARK only. The information won’t be uncovered or shared with anyone. If a user desires to prevent the collection of the data, it is possible to change the browser settings.

6. The application of pixels
The pixels are applied by CPMSHARK to understand how the users interact with the emails and the information they contain. We can also find out who opens the message. With the help of pixels, CPMSHARK selects the best variant of the information presentation for a particular user (HTML/text). Thus, CPMSHARK is able to create the useful content for the visitors.

7. The visitors’ consent
Visiting, all the users agree with the collection and application of their information in the ways described above. If you want to receive any additional information on this issue, you can contact the service department of CPMSHARK anytime.
If any changes are made to the current policy, CPMSHARK promises to notify the users with a corresponding message shown on this page. Thus, users will always know:
• how their data is collected
• how the collected information is applied
• when the collected data can be disclosed.

What should a user understand about Cookies?
The cookies are small parts of data automatically downloaded to the computer or the other device. It happens when a user visits a particular web resource. Cookies are stored and then transmitted to the original resource or the other resources, which can recognize them. Such information is very helpful because it allows defining the type of the device used by a visitor and thus providing the visitor with the better experience.
There are several functions of cookies:
• efficient navigation of the visitors between the pages
• improvement of the experience of the visitors on the site
• finding out the preferences and interests of the visitors
• display of the more relevant advertisements.
A visitor cannot be identified by means of cookies. Cookies are applied only for the identification of the devices (computer/smartphone). It is possible with the help of special identification tags, which are randomly generated.

Finding out how CPMSHARK uses Cookies
To make the access to full, a user requires accepting cookies on a PC, mobile, tablet or other device applied. By means of cookies, CPMSHARK is able to give you a better experience. Consider several examples of Cookies usage by CPMSHARK:
• getting the necessary data in order to find out the visitors’ interests/preferences about the site and emails (as well as the visitors’ dislikes)
• measuring the advertising efficiency and finding out the way the visitors use CPMSHARK site.

Cookie policy. The kinds of cookies CPMSHARK applies
A comprehensive list of cookies, which are applied on, can be viewed in our cookies list. It gives all the necessary information concerning the ways of and reasons for cookies usage.
The cookies categorization on CPMSHARK is made according to the ICC UK Cookie guide, which has been published in April 2012.

1) Strictly Essential Cookies
It’s a Cookies type, which we ask for from you officially. They’re important for comfortable navigation on and application of CPMSHARK site functions or features (such as access to secure zones). Without them, particular options can’t operate.

2) Performance Cookies
This type of cookies gathers only anonymous data on the pages, which a user visits. It includes the facts concerning the users and the way they apply CPMSHARK site (for example, which pages are the most frequently visited, whether they contain errors or not, etc.). Such kind of cookies doesn’t collect identifying information. The data is completely anonymous. The key reason to use it is the improvement of CPMSHARK operation.

3) Functionality Cookies
This type of cookies gathers the information about the choices of the users, such as names, languages or other options. It helps improve the user's experience providing personal features.
This type includes only important cookies, which influence the functionality of

All the three categories, which are described above, are necessary to be set up in order to:
• maintain
• support the site’s efficiency
• guarantee the ease of its usage
• guarantee the uninterrupted access.
You cannot deactivate them independently; that’s why if you continue applying and the corresponding services, you fully agree to activate these cookie types on the PC or the other device.

4) Cookies for advertising and targeting
To make the adverts interesting and relevant for CPMSHARK visitors, this kind of cookies gathers the data concerning browsing history. They also allow limiting the number of times a user sees any particular ad and measuring digital advertising campaigns of CPMSHARK efficiency.
The function of cookies is set up by the 3rd parties after CPMSHARK gives a corresponding permission. Cookies memorize visits to and give the received data to various organizations (media owners).
Cookies of such type might be disabled without losing the access to You may find more useful data about such cookie type and the information about the disabling on

Cookies list
How can a visitor manage or deactivate any type of Cookies?
In the case, if a visitor desires to block or delete any of the cookies, which have been set up by, he or she needs to use the browser for changing the setting. If a user requires any help, he/she can visit, where there are useful details concerning cookies management for various browsers.
More information on Cookies is available on various sites, such as, etc.