Sometimes it’s better to just forget about socks!

Sometimes it’s better to just forget about socks!

Just in case it wasn’t clear, we are trying hard to persuade everyone about the fact that socks can truly make you a fashion protagonist. By wearing a trendy pair of awesome socks you can express your personality in a totally unique and distinctive way. This is why we continuosly try to develop new designs... (802) 436-1646
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What is so extraordinary in a nice pair of colorful socks?


We are obsessed by this question and we do ask ourselves all the time. The answer is actually pretty simple and we are aware that if we manage to make people perceive why wearing a cool pair of quality socks with trendy patterns is something extraordinary, we reached our goal. First of all, let’s give... Read More »
Why socks are so similar to tattoos?

Why socks are so similar to tattoos?

Years ago tattoos were small and people use to design them on body parts where could not be easily seen. A tatto was made to remind us of an event, a passion, a hobby or a person. It was something very personal which people didn’t need to show off. In some circumstances, like at work,... (709) 696-1762
This is why fashion socks kill boredom

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We are perfectly aware that a beautiful pair of funky and colored socks might seem frivolous and excessive. But it is just an impression which should be forgotten. It is true that the main function of socks is to protect feet and we admit that for too many years socks have been considered as the... (605) 360-8522
No doubts, socks are the new tie! (570) 329-0572

No doubts, socks are the new tie!

Years ago (not not too long), the tie was perfectly representing elegance and reliability. There were no managers hanging around without a smart tie. A concept that slowly faded and lost power in terms of exclusivity and sophistication, becoming a symbol of conformism which is rather inadeguate in the contemporary society. Some people claim that... (585) 703-2255
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Socks as a Christmas gift? No chances to get your gift wrong!

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Stressed about making presents for Christmas? You don’t know what would be the best gift for your friends or relatives? A present is one of the best actions in human communication but it has to be made with authentic passion. This explains why at Christmas socks are so popular. Giving socks as a present is... Read More »
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BLACK FRIDAY? Let’s celebrate Black….

BLACK FRIDAY? Let’s celebrate Black….

“Rules should be learnt, followed and then broken”—Ferdinando Garzillo claimed. It’s like that in the fashion world too and, specifically, when it’s about selecting a pair of socks. A socks etiquette does exist and suggests that with dark trousers should always matched with black socks to maintain order and accuracy in the way you look.... (318) 212-7170
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Via Calzabigi socks and Halloween? Find out why… 973-540-0793

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What have socks got to do with Halloween? Maybe you don’t know that but in the middle ages, celtic people used to knock at anyone’s door to have some help to cope with the freezing winter time. That’s the period when the famous phrase “trick or treat?” was born. Today it is a well known... Read More »