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The "consensus climate science" tells the public that temperature levels are increasing because CO2 levels are increasing. The Earth is heating up, significantly, so they say, with unforeseen potentially catastrophic consequences!
Surely in any scientific debate there is a belief that other theories are in error, but there should be mutual respect for differing points of view. Scientific theories about Global Warming are here in Australia often nothing but theories of ordinary language and not a good descriptions of the laws of nature, as required. The real difficulty is to distinguish advocacy from science.
As individual it requires diligence and commitment to the direction scientific results take you, sometimes far too difficult to comprehend because the numbers seem to lack order and identification. Australian Science should provide the best statistical analysis in the absence of any emotion, certainty must be left behind. The alternative is, one wants to find exactly what is expected.

More and more Australians believe science behind man-made climate change is not irrefutable and needs more work, because anthropogenic warming has become for many politicians too much of a dogma, insensible to facts and dominated by ideology bordering on religious conviction. There seems to be a political agenda trying to determine scientific analysis by consensus, attached with a collective guilt syndrome, as in the dark ages.

The minute increase of anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere (0.008%) can be at best explainable as a minute contributing force to the warming. The continuation of natural cycles that occurred over the past 500 years, to a large extend caused by cosmic radiation cycles and with the beginning of industrialisation mainly human-caused Black Carbon aerosol (BC or soot) air pollution affect the earth's warming.
The object of this exercise is to reflect on that part of the climate science debate, which is not driven by underlying intentions or motives and most importantly does not claim to be certain.