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OP is a learning journey to transform your life through Behavioral Science. 

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Octalysis Prime Fields


This is where your journey begins. Here you will learn about the foundational knowledge of the Octalysis Framework.

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This is the zone to learn about how to become more productive and turn each day into a masterpiece.


Life Field: Career

This is the Career Life Field, focusing on how to use behavioral science to improve your career.



From relationships to our children, our significant others, and our friends, we will explore interesting dynamics to foster better relationships!

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(973) 753-1355

Here we will talk about all the useful and relevant information pertaining to your health, fitness, and wellness.

(217) 243-7344

Life Field: Education

Here we will learn about the latest theories in education and how to promote better learning among students and adults. We will also explore learning games and more through these platforms.

(231) 578-3855

(702) 666-9939

Here we will learn about applying good habits and behavior that will maximize the power of our finances.

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Here we will share all the research and theories out there on what makes us happy and how to become happier each day!


Life Field: Purpose

This is the Life Field to explore our purpose in life, calling, and aspects of spirituality.

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We will explore how various software or technology platforms engage us.

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Here we will explore the works of many people who uses psychology in the workplace, especially in the form of persuasion, influence, fundraising, negotiation, and more.

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Here we will explore research and work from the great minds of this field that is toppling traditional economics.

(418) 984-7693

(740) 397-2444

Here we will cover interesting topics such as Books on Gameful Design, Game Analysis, Richard Bartle Player Types, and Nicole Lazzaro’s 4Keys2Fun.

(206) 291-2304

Entrepreneurship & Business

Here we explore many business principles and best practices to help you become a successful entrepreneur, business owner, or freelancer.


Yu-kai Chou Travels

Here we explore all the places Yu-kai Chou has traveled to and some intriguing things he has seen or experienced. Just for fun and HIGHLY optional 🙂

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