The TraDove Global B2B Token Offering concluded on Feb. 28, 2018 at 23:59 PST. Please log in to check your completed order details and to update your follow-up information before 03/15/2018.

Final Results: USD 52,000,000
Pending final audit & verification of committed funds

FAQ on TraDove’s B2BCoin ICO

B2B Challenges
Our Approach
Building Trust with Blockchain in International Trade

TraDove will utilize digital currencies, blockchain technologies, and advanced user authentication to solve the fundamental trust problem in B2B and international trade. Authenticated, vetted, and reviewed buyers & sellers will utilize smart contracts to execute trade across a global business-to-business platform, ensuring that payments are successful.

About TraDove

Just as Facebook connects friends and LinkedIn connects professionals, the current TraDove platform connects business partners with its business social network. The next generation platform will utilize blockchain and AI-driven social networking technologies to further shorten the corporate buyer & seller discovery cycle, enhance B2B transparency, expand user trust, and allow for company-to-company precision advertising. Additionally, TraDove will provide a better payment instrument for international trade.

LinkedIn is not suitable for business. It does not authenticate its users. Most use public emails. Faking a LinkedIn profile is easy. It is too general and crowded. Most use LinkedIn for personal and professional relations oriented communication. It does not have a product/service component.

TraDove has developed a proprietary process to authenticate its users in its general network. It is much harder to fake a profile. It is a social network tailored for corporate buying and selling people. It seamlessly connects business people, products/services and companies together to share knowledge, experience and opportunity in a much more relevant way.

Market Size

Size of Global B2B Marketing Spending: USD 76 Billion
Volume of International Trade: USD 16 Trillion

TraDove Success

Companies Whose Employees Joined TraDove

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How B2BCoin Will Be Used

We will let corporate buyers use our services for free. We will let corporate sellers use our basic services for free and use B2BCoin to pay for prioritized or value-added utilities, such as notifying sellers as to buyers' searched or expressed needs. (explained below)

Phase 1

Empower Buyer & Seller Interaction

Sellers pay TraDove in B2BCoins for prioritized and value-added utilities.

TraDove recommends sellers, their products/services to buyers based on buyer profiles and expressed interests derived from searches and posted leads.

Companies and corporate sales personnel buy B2BCoins.

TraDove seeds the initial market: sales personnel are given a B2BCoin allocation. Coins can also be purchased on the open market.

Seller pays potential customers B2BCoins in return for the opportunity to pitch their products/services directly to them.

Buyer receives B2BCoins and redeposits into the company account. TraDove retains a facilitation fee.

Sales people from buyer companies use B2BCoins, earned or otherwise purchased, to engage in conversations with potential customers.

Phase 2

Empower B2B Precision Advertising

Any company can purchase B2BCoins on the open market for marketing purposes.

Companies create ads and target specific business users and/or searches.

Buyers interact with advertisements, receive B2BCoins for their attention, and deposit tokens into company account. TraDove retains a facilitation fee.

Companies use B2BCoins, purchased or earned, to execute additional targeted B2B advertising.

Phase 3

Empower International Trade with Blockchain

  • Blockchain-based payment for international trade.
  • Eliminate local banking stress.
  • Enjoy ease & low cost of payment to send money in and out of countries.
  • Provide a reliable and less expensive payment method when trading in unreliable markets.
Key Dates
  • Presale Ends 31 Jan
  • Public Sale Starts 1 Feb
  • Public Sale Ends 28 Feb

TraDove Core Team

TraDove has first class team from MIT, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and Alibaba.

  • Kent J Yan Business, Finance, and General Management
    1. Former Founder and CEO at Braincess , international trade
    2. MS, MIT Electrical Engineering 
    3. MBA, MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Jian Zheng Blockchain Technology, AI, Product Development
    1. VGM, Tencent
    2. Director of Engineering, Alibaba
    3. Senior Engineering Manager, Yahoo
    4. MS, Computer Science, NYU
  • Parvis Hanson Operations and Business Development EMEA
    1. Principal Consultant, Orange Business Services
    2. Senior Business Development Manager, World Economic Forum
    3. Manager, Ariba
  • Igor Gustincic Sales and Business Development, Europe
    1. 20+ years of IT sales experience working with companies like Nestle, SITA, SGS, etc.
    2. BS, Univeriste Jean Moulin (Lyon III)
  • Rowena Bonnette Vice President of Marketing
    1. Director, Online Marketing, Ooma
    2. Manager, Search Engine & Social Media, Thomson Reuters
    3. Product Manager, Oracle
  • George Cheng Network, Security, Big Data and Cloud
    1. Devops, Cloudera
    2. Sr. IT Architect, Amazon/Alexa
    3. Lead System Admin, Salesforce.com
    4. MS, State U. of New York
  • Jia Liu Mobile Development
    1. Engineer, Facebook
    2. IOS Engineer, Storm 8
    3. Software Engineer, Netscreen/Juniper
    4. MS, Computer Science, U. Arizona
  • Albert Wang User Experience and User Interface
    1. Lead UX Designer, LinkedIn
    2. Product Design Director, BloomReach
    3. Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design, Master of Design

Team in China

Investors & Advisors

TraDove has raised $4M USD from first class investors.

  1. Founder and Chairman of Analog Devices

  2. President Emeritus of Mayo Foundation

  3. Founder and Chairman of ResMed

  4. Cofounder of WebEx

  5. Former VP of SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft

  6. Chairman and CEO of MKS Instruments

  7. Former Owner and CEO of LA Dodgers

  8. CEO of Bacardi Rum

  9. Former McKinsey Director from Germany

  10. Senior exec from KKR

Covers Most Major Markets

TraDove has its teams in Silicon Valley, US, Europe and China.
Our investors encompass major economies, including the US, China, Germany, UK and Switzerland

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Email Us: 4049338293