Gray Oak is the studio behind Camp Abercorn, a new dramatic series successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo, coming your way soon.

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Camp Abercorn world premiere in New York!


We are pleased to announce that our pilot episode is an official section of the prestigious 2015 New York Television Festival (NYTVF) Independent Pilot Competition. The NYTVF is an organization dedicated to identifying and nurturing top independent creative talent and connecting it with networks, studios, digital media companies and brands.

The festival runs October 18-24 in Manhattan, NY. Camp Abercorn is scheduled to premiere on October 22 at 6pm.

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We Did It! Thank you!! :)

We’re just floored with all the amazing support! The last four days alone have just been mind blowing. Jeesh. I’m so excited to get out there and start filming!!

We did it. All of us together.

For every email or tweet or phone call or mention: THANKS. Our whole gang is just thrilled. I sent out an email yesterday afternoon asking for thank you videos and every single member of our cast sent one in and many of our crew and supporters. Even Brad Leland from Comic-Con in Dallas! So without further ado, our thank you for you:

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Not Fit To Lead

Originally published on the Huffington Post Gay Voices blog.

Cub Scout Jeffrey

Me as a Cub Scout

I’m a filmmaker, an Eagle Scout, and I’m creating a web series, (631) 380-0282, inspired by my time working as a closeted staff member at Scout Camp. And it’s pro-Boy Scouting.

To catch you up to speed on BSA policy, currently you can be a youth gay; but once you turn 18, you’re out.

“So why” you ask, “would a gay adult male with any common sense want to be a Boy Scout anymore?”

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