VICTSWISS AG is a Swiss based fintech and blockchain startup that is focused on providing alternative crypto-banking services outside normal banking business according to risk potential for assets mainly in digital currencies. By enabling an innovative mixture of latest technology and financial expertise the company will provide multiple opportunities for its customers to open and hold deposits in traditional and crypto currencies observing high safety and security standards, protection and comfort. VICTSWISS AG plans to provide a range of banking services and products for personal or corporate customers, automated payments, IoT transactions etc. The company is aiming to fill the gap between the fast growing market, value, services and economy based on blockchain or crypto currencies and the lack of proper, safe and user friendly banking service.

About Us

VICTSWISS AG was incorporated in the Canton of Zug in Switzerland to benefit from one of the world’s leading registration and regulation advantages and the unique blockchain and crypto ecosystem that is now fruitfully growing in the region. As so VICTSWISS AG has competitive advantages to be able to operate locally and globally with clear regulatory directives under the classification of so called Crypto Bank. By becoming the first crypto bank in the so called Crypto Valley Zug in Switzerland, VICTSWISS AG will on one hand benefit from the unique environment of the ecosystem and on the other hand will be able to support the thousands of already established crypto and blockchain related companies with the clear prospective of thousands more to come in a very short future.
Crypto operations like holding or vault for crypto assets presents a new set of legal, auditing and accounting challenges like taxation, evaluation, different kind of fees etc. VICTSWISS AG will provide complete range of financial services for business to open the horizon for the development of this new economy.
VICTSWISS AG plans to provide its private customers with comfortable and easy to use tools for obtaining, storing, trading and exploiting digital assets including private banking service, crypto currency bank card processed by VISA and MASTERCARD ATMs and POS terminals, currency exchange and vault.
In addition the company will provide its customers with access to multiple banking products and instruments including crypto currency based bank card processed by VISA and MASTERCARD ATMs and POS terminals, capital markets operations, fast and safe settlement and funds transfer technologies based on blockchain platform. VICTSWISS AG will provide services and solutions for Trading, Dealing, Funding, Currency Exchange, Corporate and Private Banking and Cards Operations. In general VICTSWISS AG will provide solid baking infrastructure and full range of services allowing multiple crypto or blockchain based businesses to develop in similar or even better financial environment compared to the traditional ones and even benefit by mixing or augmenting crypto and fiat models.
Based on the blockchain technology the company plans to provide B2B services for traditional banks, financial services and institutions allowing technological advantages and bidirectional benefits.
Our initial goal is to build a sandbox innovative banking service and apply for regulation from Swiss Finacial Regulator FINMA for operation under newly determined category in the Swiss Banking Act the so called Banking License “Light”. To crypto businesses, we will offer a financial infrastructure foundation on which to develop. For individuals, VICTSWISS AG will connect the familiar world of online banking with the possibilities of buying and owning cryptocurrency.
We have already raised more than $1 million from our investors and we are looking further to extend our capital on the next stage to more than $5 million. On a final stage we plan to go even further and raise $40 million.

VICTSWISS AG will power the next generation financial models where transfer of value can be instant, fair, safe, secure, automated and available without geographical or technological obstacles. VICTSWISS aims to become a full banking licensed Swiss Crypto Bank that will provide easy and comfortable though safe, secure and regulated financial services. Complete ecosystem of crypto related business and economy may benefit from large range of financial services and infrastructure that will be introduced to the marked in carefully established phased approach.

Why A Cryptobank

A New Banking and Trading Solution

With a bank account from VICTSWISS the access to the crypto economy will be a lot more convenient. When a client buys cryptocurrency with fiat money the transactions will be practically instantaneous. Additionally we will offer some services associated with traditional banking like access to capital markets and stock trading

Auditing and taxation

Companies and individuals worldwide are obliged to book and keep records for auditing and taxation purposes. With crypto currencies it is even more complicated. In a lot of countries worldwide where there is Capital Gain Tax, still a percentage of the income from cryptocurrencies has to be paid. VICTSWISS AG will provide summarized trade data from its platform to all its clients for taxation and auditing purposes, to connect their activity with their VICTSWISS AG bank account ledger. This way when a client sells cryptocurrency they will be able to prove that they’ve held the assets for a certain period of time.

A solid and secured legal and banking basis

All our clients (companies and individuals) will no longer have to be concerned that their bank account might be closed or suspended because they operate with crypto currencies. By creating a government regulated organization VICTSWISS will mitigate the risk for our customers.

Our Products

VICTSWISS AG offers wide range of typical crypto products

Global money transfers

VICTSWISS AG will offer accounts for its clients for a fast transfer of cryptocurrencies into local currencies (CHF, USD, EUR). All transactions will be subject to a fee.

Cryptocurrency wallet

Our customers will possess a VICTSWISS AG wallet and will have full control over their assets and private keys. This wallet will connect to all payment and transfer services. No-one except our customers will have access to the keys in these wallets.

Prepaid debit card

At the time of conversion the cryptocurrency can be used to top up the card. The interface will allow all interested parties (accountants, business owners, users) to see all transactions in real time.

Trading software

A key aspect of our business will be our trading software. It will be connected to our API and it will be available for use by our partners. Our system will coordinate all incoming and outgoing transactions.

API Services

Our API will allow our partners to build applications based on our fully compliant interface platform in the crypto currency ecosystem, without developing KYC procedures or operating directly with exchanges. This will allow third parties to interface with us in a programmatic and white-labeled way.

Accumulation accounts

VICTSWISS AG will offer accumulation bank accounts in crypto currency, significantly easing the overall incorporation process for all crypto entrepreneurs.

Custodian services

VICTSWISS AG will also act as a post-trade services provider. We will provide settlement and custody services as well as other related services across crypto and crypto-backed asset classes.

VICTSWISS Timeline and Roadmap

We intend to become a company offering services where crypto currencies and fiat money intersect.

VICTSWISS AG has already achieved the following milestones:

• 02.2018 – the company was incorporated with a capital of 600.000 CHF

punch holder

Our Roadmap With Execution Deadlines

All milestones are intended to guide us towards our main goal – a full banking license.
• 07.2018 – FINMA recognized SRO (Self-regulatory organization) membership
• 10.2018 – operation in the so called innovation area (e.g. “sandbox”) with public funds up to a total value of CHF 1 million

For 2019 We Are Planning

• 02.2019 – operation under simplified authorization with public funds up to a total value of CHF 100 million
• 01.2021 – full banking license


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