What is eDebit

eDebit is an Australian financial technology business. eDebit's online direct debit solution is webDebit.

webDebit is a unique internet application allowing businesses to directly debit their customers in a totally secure environment.

Direct debit transactions are automatically processed according to each individual businesses needs. Recurring transactions may be processed on any business day and as often as required.

Information is entered through a user friendly interface and is automatically validated to ensure no vital financial information is omitted.

Each business receives email reports on the day direct debits are processed, the day of any defaulted transactions and the day funds are remitted to the business' account.

webDebit also provides further powerful reporting functions and is available 24/7 allowing data entry anytime, anywhere.

Our Services

eDebit provides online direct debit solutions to businesses and individuals through webDebit.

We service businesses across a wide range of industries including health and fitness, childcare, financial services, IT and driving schools to name just a few.

We provide direct software and web integration with a number of software providers and developers in varying industries.

Application and web developers may utilise our API to provide end to end direct debit processing directly integrated into their application or web site. Integration can access a PCI DSS compliant solution if required.

Software Integration

eDebit has established relationships with a number of software partners in different industries to assist our customers in managing their businesses using an integrated debit solution.

An integrated debit solution means direct debit instructions are securely and directly transmitted between the business software and webDebit avoiding the need to double enter information.

Software provided by our partners may include various integration features depending on client and business requirements. These features may provide distinct benefits and advantages to your business.

Alternatively your current software may be able to produce a compatible file which can be imported into webDebit.

Payment Gateway

Our payment gateway is a real time solution for processing credit card payments online. Please contact our Sales office for further information about how we can help you set up a secure and paperless payment gateway on your website.


  • increase your cash flow

    Direct debit increases cash flow by creating predictable and regular payments. Late payments and bad debts are also significantly reduced.

  • reduce your administration costs

    Reduced administration costs result from the time and expense saved chasing outstanding accounts.

  • improve your customer retention

    Implementing direct debit provides an easy and affordable payment option for your customers and also eliminates the need to renew sales and service contracts.

  • maximise your sales

    Direct debit enables you to provide affordable payment options thereby tailoring sales to your customer needs.

  • low transaction fees

  • no long term or rolling contracts

  • Sales and Administration

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    p: 02 9999 4455 Option 1

    f: 02 9999 4555

    e: sales@edebit.com.au


  • Support and Development

    a: P.O. Box 658, Devonport, TAS 7310

    p: 02 9999 4455 Option 2

    e: support@edebit.com.au