LARP Engine

Fully integrated gaming technology

Manage Events

Create and manage events, attendance, players, and more directly or through Social Media.

Manage Players

Track your players, their characters and sheets. All through a simple easy-to-use interface.

Free to Use

LARP Engine is free to use, and we are always adding new features.

RSVP and Attendance

Allow them to RSVP or pre-register for an event. When they arrive, check them into or out of game.

Equipment Management

Attach and scan barcodes to your gear. Track lost or broken items through the Android app or website.

Integrate with Social Media

Connect your group and events to Facebook, so you and your players are always up-to-date.

Stay Updated

Always know what is happening with your player-base. Get feedback and suggestions from your players anonymously.

Your Group and Players

Manage your player-base more efficiently - start by creating a group! Players can then join your group, create their character(s), RSVP for events, and more.

You gain visibility into your player-base, as well as tools to help you manage players, events, characters, and more.

Events, Locations, and RSVP

Once you have a group and some players, create an event. Players RSVP for events, indicating which players they intend to play.

You can check players into and out of the event, and later get check-in and check-out reports.

Universal Character Sheets

Every LARP system is unique - so every system needs their own character sheets. Our universal character sheet system enables you to define what you want to track for each character, and create your own printable character sheet template. No more Excel spreadsheets!


Did someone RSVP for your event? Did someone edit their character or player profile? Stay in the loop with instant notifications.

Facebook Integration

Want to promote your group or event? Import your existing Facebook page or group, events, RSVPs, and other data with the click of a button. LARP Engine makes it easier to track attendance through social media.

Equipment Management

Need to keep better track of your gear? Register it on LARP Engine, and print / attach a barcode for it. Use the Android App to easily 'check out' or return the item when players or NPCs use it.

You can also easily identify who used the item last, or didn't return it.