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Enhances Open Source Scanning for CA | Veracode Application Security Portfolio

Software Composition Analysis for DevSecOps.

Fast and easy deployment to your development pipeline, instant visibility into your open-source consumption. Define policies and automate actions. Take back control of your software supply chain.

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SourceClear Was Built For You

Application Security Teams

SourceClear gives security teams visibility into the vulnerabilities in the open-source code and allows them to define and control organizational security policies. When issues are found you can collaborate with developers and fix them fast.

Chief Security Officers

SourceClear supports security leaders by making sure they have real-time information about the risks associated with third-party open-source code, what issues are present in their organizations and what is being done to fix them.

Legal and Compliance Teams

SourceClear can be used by companies subject to industry regulations and those wanting to enforce corporate compliance to create, audit, and enforce policies.


SourceClear is designed for developers and DevOps teams. We integrate directly with your existing tools and workflows without getting in your way. Accurate and complete analysis means you only get real and actionable insights.

Beyond The Code

Security Graph Language

Our research team has developed the industry’s first domain-specific language dedicated to finding security issues in open-source code. SGL is being used to analyze billions of lines of code in millions of open-source libraries to expose better insights than ever before.

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Proprietary Vulnerability Database

The world’s most complete and accurate database of verified public and private threats and vulnerabilities in open-source code. As well as tracking public sources like CVE's, our platform constantly data-mines millions of commits in open-source libraries, watches thousands of bug-trackers and parses the change-logs of popular libraries. It's open-source intelligence gathering that is automated using data-science and machine-learning and then verified by humans. Search information on thousands of issues in millions of libraries.

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