Playboy Breweries Ltd, will launch Playboy Premium Lager Beer in Chengdu Sichuan Province, China on November 5, 2013. Playboy Beer combines the strength of Playboy's positive lifestyle brand with China's appetite for internationally branded beer. China is the largest and continues to be the fastest growing beer market in the world today. The potential consumption power of this market is magnified by the realization that Playboy is the most recognised international brand operating in China, with market recognition at 80% of Chinese consumers.

Playboy Breweries Limited has established and poised to execute a turnkey production, distribution and marketing network that will fully support the businesses vision and goals. This has been achieved through the Companies highly experienced management team and their ability to secure strong China expertise within the respective production disciplines.

The Company has assembled and concluded the negotiations to co-operate with a highly regarded contract Brewery. Located in the heart of the China's Beer production region, Shandong Province, they will manage the production under the guidance of one of SAB's former top Beer Makers.

Once fully operational the Company through its secured network of experienced and reputable distributors will market the beer initially through on-premise businesses then will expand into off-premise outlets such as hypermarkets and supermarkets across China.