Getting the best out of life

A new way of learning about
long term conditions that puts you in control

What you'll find out
about diabetes

On this site you'll learn from experts and patients what you can do to keep your diabetes well-controlled. You'll find out about how and why to keep an eye on your blood glucose level and HbA1c...

You'll hear practical information about how to look after your feet and your eyes. Dietitians will give you a detailed breakdown of how to start managing your diabetes with a healthy diet. And there's advice on exercise, tablets and insulin as well as dealing with anxiety and depression.

Making sure you get
the best out of life

We cover a variety of conditions that may affect you and the aim is to help you take control of your health and enjoy life. To make this website we've interviewed some of the leading experts in the UK and asked them for key information that will help you to deal with your condition as effectively...

It's full of practical tips and advice as well as explaining what you need to know to get the best out of life.

How does
it work?

There are more than sixty short films for each condition on this website - organised to make learning easy. It's interactive, engaging and there's a chat room to share your experiences with other people. It's like a consultation - the time with your GP or nurse you didn't get...

No need to make an appointment. You can go back over the bits you missed. You can watch again and again in your own time to make sure you understand. The doctor or nurse you want when you need them. 24/7.

It's like watching TV only you get to choose the bits you want to watch.

What you'll find out
about COPD

COPD is incurable but a lot can be done to relieve its symptoms. In these films you'll learn how COPD can affect your life, how to recognise and cope with an exacerbation and how to keep active with COPD...

You can find out about pulmonary rehabilitation and doctors and pharmacists will explain what medications and other treatments are available. You'll discover breathing techniques that will help with breathlessness, find out how to use your inhalers effectively, and - if you haven't - tips on how to quit smoking.

Scroll down to watch one of our films

and get a flavour of what we do and what people think of our website

An introduction to COPD

An introduction to Diabetes

The whole thing has a very positive and upbeat feel to it, which is just what is needed. I think it is an excellent resource.
Simon O'Neill
Director of Care, Information and Advocacy Services, Diabetes UK
This is an excellent site. It gives patients the information and understanding they need to self manage their COPD better
Dr Keith Prowse
Honorary medical adviser and former Chairman of the British Lung Foundation
I think this web site provides the education that very few health care professionals have time (and sometime knowledge) to give at a consultation. The patients can view the programme at a speed that they feel comfortable with and go back to different parts as they feel necessary. It is an excellent educational tool.
Angela H Evans MBE
Specialist Practitioner (Respiratory) Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust
It's really useful, patient friendly, easy to navigate in little chunks. I think patients will like it and so will the respiratory healthcare community
Stephen Gaduzo
Respiratory Clinical Pathway Leads Team NHS Northwest
It's easy to use and understand. A really positive way to look at COPD
Wilma Abbott
COPD Patient

Getting The Sound Doctor for your patients.

The Sound Doctor can help your patients look after their long term conditions effectively. That could save you time and money.

The website provides education about self-management you wish you had time for in a consultation - but often don't. The information is structured to make sure it's easy to understand and really works to change behaviour.

You can join The Sound Doctor and give access to any or all the patients on your list or in your area who might benefit. Alternatively you can get access for a fixed number of patients. Get a Sound Doctor account and we'll send you a pack of Membership Cards with simple details about how to use the site. All you have to do is give the cards to your patients. We'll do the rest.

The Sound Doctor is licensed to GP practices and CCGs on an annual, renewable subscription basis.


If you'd like to talk to us about creating a programme of health for your staff.