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Welcome to all New SPLHT


Our website will be available here soon.

About Us

We make great things. How is that possible ?

is an on-demand baggage pickup, storage, check in and Ride Share service available at your fingertips, through our one of a kind unique Mobile Application.

Long gone are the days of trekking through the city with both hands filled. Just use our mobile app to summon a driver to pick your bags up and set a delivery location to have them dropped off at a later time.

SPLHT allows you to enjoy the wonders of Florida without having to lug around your bags, and have the convenience of hailing a ride to visit those wonders in the same application.

Whats New ?

Flexible Scheduling – 24 Hour / 7 Days a week Luggage Pickup, Storage, and Delivery

Competitive Pricing – Flat Service Fee

Experience – Over 15 years of Customer Service

Professionalism – Courteous and Professional Drivers and handlers