Sybian Rides 4 Cash – Wenona


Wenona is a girl that I have wanted to work with for a few years and I have finally gotten her to shoot with me. Her body is perfect and she has a great set of abs. She is a full-time model, but she loves bondage and forced orgasms the most. There is little that she wont try and I am excited to have her with me today. Wenona masturbates frequently and she is multiorgasmic and she loves vibrators. This sounds like a great match and I am anxious to get started. In the past, she has been the one controlling the Sybian, but this time I am in control.

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Sybian Rides 4 Cash – Starla Knight – part 4 – Wmv s

Sybian Rides 4 Cash – Starla Knight – part 4 – Wmv s

This is part 4 of 5 of Starla Knight’s Sybian ride. My Sybian girl today is Starla. She is a cute brunette who appears younger than her 25 years would indicate. Starla is a stripper and a bit of an attention whore. This is her video debut! A confession from Starla is that she and her boyfriend love having sex in public places like by the highway! Very quickly into her ride she is close to an orgasm! Oh, no, little girl, not yet! Remember that you are not the one in control. After her first five minutes, she is more than eager to continue her time with me, so she exposes her small tits and we continue the tease session. Maybe I should have warned her that I love tease and denial quite a lot! For the last part of her ride, she removes her wet panties and she is now ready for her orgasms. I let her have one and then offer her the next option: an insertable, rotating dildo. She happily accepts the offer and we are ready to go. To see just how many orgasms Starla is allowed to have, you need to watch and see!!

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"All Natural" beauty Kodi Lynn is a gusher! She’s also a very charming and adorable girl who wanted to try the Sybian and this is her very first time on video! Watch her straddle the saddle and cum over and over and she soaks the entire set! Watch her big clitted hairy muff dump gallons of female ejaculation!

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Mandy Taylor Bathroom Sybian pt3 mov


Mandy Taylor is a hot brunette that comes to us for a session of sybian fun I will never forget. From the time she spreads her pussy open and slides down the shaft on the fucking machine to the very last orgasm of the night. Check out her wicked orgasms

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Sybian Rides 4 Cash – Elli Foxx

Sybian Rides 4 Cash – Elli Foxx

Elli is a one girl who really needs to have an orgasm. This Florida girl is 21 years old and she is a dog groomer. She has not had a boyfriend in two years, so she has to rely on the kindness of strangers in bars to pleasure her. It has been three months since her last orgasm with someone else, but she has not given herself an orgasm in over a month. I am here to help! Elli has heard good things about the Sybian from her girlfriends, but she has never tried it for herself until her ride with me today. She confesses that she loves clitoral stimulation, but she loves to have something insider her pussy as she is being stimulated. It takes little convincing for her to remove her bra and top after the first five minutes on my Sybian. When she does remove her bra, I see a rare thing: a pair of small, all-natural titties! My goal is to tease Elli to the point that she begs me to let her cum. That does not take very long, and I give her what she wants so badly. In fact, I force several orgasms out of Elli during her time with me and my Sybian. How many does she have? We both lost count! I can tell you that Elli did not want to get off of the Sybian, even after several powerful orgasms.


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Keira is a cute dancer. She has tried plenty of sex toys but nothing as powerful as the sybian. Keira is kind of shy but excited about trying the sybian. Keira drops her shorts showing off her trimmed pussy and slides down on the sybian’s shaft. Dirty D slowly turns up the dials for more vibration and rotation. Keira cums quickly but she is not done. Keira continues riding experiencing multiple intense orgasms on the sybian!See These Sexy Girls Showing Their "O Face" as They Ride the Sybian for the First Time!

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