Poolhouse Industries is an ideas factory. Websites, applications, marketing partnerships, strategic thinking, new product launches, whatever the task we take no prisoners when it comes to delivering unprecedented results across our various pursuits.

Our Philosophy.

Nothing can take you away from your cell phone filled, 24 Hour News, traffic-at-a-standstill, can’t stand your boss, over the top stress filled life, like a Dog. Dogs are there for us. Always. That’s why we’re all about doing every thing possible to return the favor.

3 Million Dogs. Making the World a Better Place for Dogs.


(formerly Catbook)

Home to the biggest, best couch in the world we’re one million passionate cat lovers. We know cats are different and that’s what we love about them. Here’s where you can keep a diary of your cat’s life, make new friends, share news, stories, videos and a lot more. Cats. You love them, we love them. Let’s just curl up on the couch together and talk.

7604960020 (873) 548-4201

(formerly Horsebook)

The most majestic of Animals on the planet deserves their own Fan Club and this is it: 3MillionHorses. We're a passionate and unique community of over 135,000 Horse loving individuals that get together to share pictures, stories, adventures and just the pure joy of the special bond between you and your Horse.

Join us and let's ride.

7862427112 334-370-3972

Coming soon.


Heart and Stroke

The campaign was developed by Poolhouse Industries. Poolhouse collaborates with writers, artists, publishers, photographers, filmmakers and everyone in between to develop clear, coherent messaging for clients looking for a way to reach the seemingly unreachable: Today's consumer. Started by Geoffrey Roche previous owner of Lowe Roche, Ad Age International Agency of the Year and 9 time Canadian winner of Agency of the Year. Roche's partner Jack Harding is a strategic digital marketing brainiac who brings untold amounts of experience with everyone from millennials to boomers and beyond. They strongly believe that in today's world "advertising" may be the last thing a client needs.

Email Geoffrey Roche: 3212233516

500 under 500

With tens of thousands of followers and over 100k unique visitors from across North America each month. Highlighting easy ways to eat healthy, and cheat meals that aren’t so much a cheat, 500Under500 aims to share the best homemade recipes that are not only good, but good for you.

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