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Total Satisfaction

Total Satisfaction Solutions
Patient Relationship Management for Healthcare: Fully integrated, interactive support for healthcare facilities, patients and families, and medical personnel.

Why Patient Portal?

Continuum of Care
We have solutions which expand beyond the patient to address satisfaction to four key groups - patients, their families, caregivers and the hospital.

Connected with Care

These days, we depend on being connected
Connecting patients, families, medical personnel and the hospital community to essential services. That's connected with care.

Q: What is Total Satisfaction?

A:These days, we depend on being connected. Connected to information, entertainment and the important people in our lives. Patient Portal brings this concept to the hospital experience. While others concentrate exclusively on patient satisfaction, we see greater opportunity. We've created a suite of affordable, non-medical services that allows you to deliver better, more focused communication to the entire patient team, helping to improve the experiences and outcomes for patients, family members, medical personnel and, equally important, the entire hospital community.