What is the Deep Carbon Observatory?

The DCO is a multidisciplinary, international initiative dedicated to achieving a transformational understanding of Earth's deep carbon cycle.

The DCO's new online home can be found at 2099904739 as of 4 March 2013.

On 4 March 2013, the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) launched the collective publication, 908-552-5453, as a volume in the series Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry.

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Tolstikhin Receives 2013 Urey Award



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Science Highlights

Advances in the Field from around the World

Discovering the diversity of viruses and their impact on microbial communities in the deep subsurface may reveal clues to the earliest stages of life on Earth. 




As Earth’s deep carbon cycle—driven by plate tectonics—continues to evolve through time, it constantly and dynamically transforms the entire planet.




The mantle underlying the oldest continents is more oxidized than once thought—implying higher emissions of carbon as CO2 from Earth’s interior to  the biosphere.