We Are Entry-Level Recruiting Specialists

Percy helps companies find outstanding candidates for their entry-level Contact Center, Customer Service, and Business Development positions.

Top-Tier Candidates

Full-service recruiting with constant and personal client support

Candidate-delighting approach improves candidate yield & quality

In-depth understanding leads to better outcomes for candidates & clients

Industry-Beating Prices

Increased efficiency through technology & automation

Awesome cost savings with baseline prices of 10% of first-year pay

Completely free unless you hire a candidate you’re happy with

Risk Free

Our service is 100% risk free. We’ll start recruiting for you for free and won’t charge you a dime unless you hire a candidate you’re happy with. We’ll work closely with you during every step of the process to ensure you have an exceptional experience.

On Demand

We maintain pools of pre-qualified candidates in markets across the country. If we’re not currently in your market we have extensive experience turning on new markets and pipelines extremely quickly.


Technology helps us facilitate candidate interactions, identify exceptional candidates, and better match candidates on a per job basis. Bottom line, we recruit more efficiently and pass the savings on to our customers.


Percy was founded by members of Professional Staffing Group, a Boston based staffing firm with over twenty years of industry experience. We leverage PSG’s knowledge and experience to create an unparalleled staffing experience for our clients.

How It Works

1) Understand

We take extra care to understand the details of your business, company culture, the position being filled, and what you’re specifically looking for in a candidate.

2) Source

We maintain candidate pipelines in markets across the country and have extensive experience turning on new pipelines that quickly yield high-quality candidates.

3) Deliver

We work closely with our candidates to understand their skills, interests, and needs to ensure you only interview candidates that are a strong fit your specific position.


We charge a baseline rate of ten percent of first-year pay for every candidate you hire.

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