Clasification: 3 stars

Why us:

Enjoying a gorgeous mountain surrounding, around the Dragan and Lesu reservoirs, the pension offers to the “nature lovers”, a perfect setting for the recreation and leisure time spending, far away from the urban crowd.

The major turistic atraction is the Iadului Valley , wich wells from the Stâna de Vale area and rapidly heads for influx towards the Crisul Repede. In it's way separates two mountain groups, the P adurea Craiului limestone area and the Vladeasa Mountain a prevalent volcanic area, mountains wich enjoines a true turistic potential, ridges, steepnesses, gorges, caves, etc., which are waiting to be discovered and sightseeing.

Here is expecting you a particular central europe rich flora wich contain numerous species protected by the law: lilac ( ancient endemic arbustus), yew, turkish hazel, carpatian lilac, banned peony, savages lent lily, agaric tulip, lilyweed and many others, as well as fauna with various protected animals:eagle and grouse, raven, white stork, black stork, lynx, carpatian hart, stag, hawk, bear, etc.

The natural therapeutic factors are: stimulant bioclimate, plentiful air on sun radiation, with a pronuounced ionization, offering to the tourists excellent curative conditions

Presentation of Valea Izvorului Pension:

Margareta de Aur 2009
Vacanta la munte 2009
Diploma de onoare 2009
Participare la targ 07-11-2009
Clasificare Pensiunea Valea Izvorului


Our pension could offer to the tourists the following:

•  Rooms with 2 , 3 or 4 beds with private barthoom;

•  Rooms with sinks, 2 beds, 3 rooms with joint bathroom;

•  4 opened terraces one of them with clear view to the trouts pond;

•  2 dinner rooms rustically arranged, one of them positioned over the trouts pond(8 places) and the other one has about 24 places where the tourists can enjoied some traditional food and also clasical dishes(bucolic bortsch, gutts soup, pork soup, chicken soup, sandwiches) cooked as much is't possible only from fresh products obtain in our own farm;

•  a pool wich holdes about a thousand trouts;

•  a particular transylvanian menage;

•  a so-called “tourist kitchen” where you have the opportunity to cook and to serve the meal from our own products, having on your disposal: refrigerator, gas range, wooden stove, dishes, etc.

• woods for the fire camp, wich can be set up near the river wich flows around the pension, where you will find tables with benches standby just for you; internet wireless connection, etc.

• internet wireless received in all area.