U.S. Needs New Approaches for TPP Challenges
Sep 20, 2016
The TPP is an important piece of Obama’s strategy of rebalancing to the Asia-Pacific region, and also one of the most important political legacies he’s tried to build before leaving the White House. Any delay in approving the TPP will deal a heavy blow to the US rebalance to the Asia-Pacific region, but faced with the political reality of the US elections, a rethink will be in order.
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Sep 20, 2016
To solve the misperceptions the Philippines and China have toward the other’s intentions in the South China Sea, both sides should be more open to understanding the rationale of each other’s actions and behavior, commit to non-militarization of the disputed areas while refraining from using confrontational rhetoric, and not force each other’s red lines in public so as to avoid either party from losing face.
On Democratic Paradox
Sep 19, 2016
“Democracy” hasn’t always meant free elections, and it’s never meant nivana. China must cherish its traditional political wisdom and governance framework, and gradually improve its political institutions, in order to render them more appropriate to China's modernization. History tells us that blindly copying Western democracies is a path to disaster.
Finance & Economy
Trudeau Seeks to Re-set Canada-China Tie
Sep 20, 2016
Prime Minister Trudeau must introduce greater balance into Canada’s international trade profile in order to diversify from an overwhelming reliance on the United States and towards a bilateral relationship that will ensure trade growth with China, Canada’s second largest trade partner.
The U.S. Can Do More to Solve Syrian Crisis
Sep 15, 2016
Constructive mediation rather than military intervention is urgently needed, but first all parties must be realistic about the situation on the ground, and open to a political transition through negotiation.
Finance & Economy
China and the US Should Collaborate for Global Trade Growth Strategy
Sep 13, 2016
Despite the election-year rhetoric in the US, free-trade has been good for both countries and their people, and China and the US should both fight protectionism and support less-restricted trade to lead the global economy back to a path of strong, sustainable and balanced growth.
Finance & Economy
China’s Richest Man Is Not Out Of The Red Yet
Sep 13, 2016
Wang Jianlin’s intemperate attack on Disneyland earlier this year is out of key with the generally genial image he has cultivated in the media. To date, he has steered clear of the third rail of politics, seemingly content to make money and influence people in the economic realm.
Political & Social Development
Why Trump Is the Failure of the U.S. Democracy?
Sep 14, 2016
Whether Trump wins the election or not, we are seeing the failure of the U.S. democracy. Even if Meanwhile, Trump forced the Americans to face the inconvenient truth of their democracy and the dark side of the American society. The discrimination against the minority groups, the disparity between the rich and the poor and the money politics will not disappear just because the mainstream chooses to ignore them.
China: Demographics as Destiny
Sep 08, 2016
In 15 years China will have the world’s largest elderly population. By 2050, its working-age population will have declined by 200+ million people. China’s rapidly aging population will have a significant impact on all aspects of China, and constructing a social safety net to meet its needs will be both expensive and complicated.
Foreign Policy
Obama’s Legacy in China: War or Peace?
Sep 09, 2016
As Monday marked the end of the G20 conference, and what was likely President Obama’s last trip to China during his tenure as president, it is impossible not to look back at his relationship with China and its leaders over the past eight years.
Global Growth – Still Made in China
Sep 06, 2016
Despite all the hand-wringing over the vaunted China slowdown, the Chinese economy remains the single largest contributor to world GDP growth. For a global economy limping along at stall speed – and most likely unable to withstand a significant shock without toppling into renewed recession – that contribution is all the more important.