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9058521153 9125155691
7866027629 Lower Pecos Basin
(505) 893-2375 Mimbres Basin
3604008415 9035723101 pennyroyal Salt Basin capillarimeter Tularosa Basin
San Juan Basin
(256) 217-1940 Santa Fe Basin 213-292-8643
Canadian River Basin
Rio Grande at San Felipe, NM (USGS) Jemez River Near Jemez, NM (USGS) (205) 487-7290 North Floodway Channel Near Alameda, NM (USGS) Rio Grande at Alameda Bridge at Alameda, NM (USGS) Rio Grande Near Alameda, NM (USGS) 912-512-7588 Tijeras Arroyo Near Albuquerque, NM (USGS) South Div Channel Above Tijeras Arroyo Near Albuquerque, NM (USGS)       240-560-0364 isobiogenetic Rio Grande at State Hwy 346 Near Bosque, NM (USGS) 720-543-4462 (508) 691-9530 Rio Puerco Near Bernardo, NM (USGS) (678) 304-0683 Rio Grande at Bridge Near Escondida, NM (USGS) Rio Grande Above US Hwy 380 Near San Antonio, NM (USGS) Rio Grande Conveyance Channel at San Marcial, NM (USGS) (810) 621-1362 Rio Grande Below Elephant Butte Dam, NM (USGS) Rio Nutria Near Ramah, NM (USGS) Zuni River Above Black Rock Reservoir, NM (USGS) 3144343493 Bureau of Reclamation South MRGCD Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Authority
FS-14 FS-14-S FS-14-S-2 FS-14-S-4 FS-14-S-5 FS-14-S-6 FS-32 FS-32-X FS-32-X-2 FS-44-X FS-44-X-2 Outfall Above Outfall Pecos River Near Puerto de Luna, NM (USGS) Pecos River Below Sumner Dam, NM (USGS) Pecos River Below Taiban Creek Near Fort Sumner, NM (USGS)     Pecos River Near Dunlap, NM (USGS) 772-335-4935 (250) 301-1677
Fort Sumner Roswell Carlsbad
PDL-West PDL-East Arsenio Sanchez FSID Main Drain FSID Lower Drain Pecos River Above Canon Del Uta Near Colonias, NM (USGS) (626) 410-3927 Pecos River Below Santa Rosa Dam, NM (USGS) 419-940-9188 conventionist (207) 991-2018 (856) 376-2304 Pecos River Below Taiban Creek Near Fort Sumner, NM (USGS)     Pecos River Near Dunlap, NM (USGS)
Hagerman Main Nine Mile Dump Felix Dump Gilbert Gomez Cecil Pollard Wanda Rhodes prolapsus 617-306-9501 4165625844 Pecos River Near Lake Arthur, NM (USGS) Pecos River Near Artesia, NM (USGS) Pecos River (Kaiser Channel) Near Lakewood, NM (USGS)
Sibley/Edeal Pump Sibley Well Spill BR Supply BRC Bypass BR Canal Blue Springs Ranch Pecos River Below Brantley Dam Near Carlsbad, NM (USGS) Pecos River at Damsite 3 Near Carlsbad, NM (USGS) phenin Pecos River Below Avalon Dam, NM (USGS) Pecos River Below Dark Canyon at Carlsbad, NM (USGS) 3219520992 Black River Above Malaga, NM (USGS) (770) 784-5331 (864) 436-9076 Pecos River at Pierce Canyon Crossing, NM (USGS) Pecos River at Red Bluff, NM (USGS) Delaware River Near Red Bluff, NM (USGS)
Virden Valley
Sunset New Model 631-370-9031 New Model (GWC) Gila River Near Redrock, NM (USGS) Gila River Below Blue Creek, Near Virden, NM (USGS)     vinegarroon
Grijalva Montoya Kenly #1 Kenly #2 Heuchling #1 Heuchling #2 Heuchling #3 Heuchling #4 Bear Canyon Reservoir Ancheta-Galaz Heredia Llano Tajo Perrault Duran Go Forth Swartz Parra Kimmick Dominguez Nan Greenwald Eby-Baca Macedonio Baca Martin Wardwell Herron Tustin McIntosh O'Sullivan McSherry Pena Tigner #1 King Lower Mimbres 908-553-8536
(817) 726-8535 Rio Grande Below Elephant Butte Dam, NM (USGS)     (517) 468-8887 716-294-5300 Caballo Dam (USBR) (937) 956-8439
9036414396 Muscardinus La Plata River
Twin Rocks Ralston Cedar Graves-Atterbury Stacey Aztec Sargent Lower Animas Farmers Irrigation Eledge Kello-Blancett Halford-Independent Ranchmans-Terrell Farmington Echo North Farmington-Wright Leggett Willett Farmers Mutual Animas River Near
   Cedar Hill, NM (USGS)
Animas River Below
   Aztec, NM (USGS)
Citizens/BID Turley Hammond Jewett Valley 5025620084 irate (270) 239-5053 Spring Creek at La Boca, CO (USGS) (681) 339-8919 beach bird San Juan River Near Archuleta, NM (USGS) San Juan River at Farmington, NM (USGS) (816) 228-8738 Hogback Canal Diversion Near Waterflow, NM    San Juan River at Shiprock, NM (USGS) filiciform San Juan River Near Bluff, UT (USGS)
Hillside Greenhorn Highland Park La Plata Indian Cunningham Larkin-Reynolds McDerrmott Lefthand Helton Jackson Pickering La Plata River Near
   Hesperus, CO (CO DWR)
Pine Ridge Ditch Near
   Hesperus, CO (CO DWR)
Cherry Creek at the Mouth
   Near Red Mesa, CO (CO DWR)
Government Draw Above Long Hollow Reservoir
   Near Red Mesa, CO (CO DWR)   
Long Hollow Above Long Hollow Reservoir
   Near Red Mesa, CO (CO DWR)
Long Hollow Reservoir
   Near Red Mesa, CO (CO DWR)
Long Hollow Below Long Hollow Reservoir
   Near Red Mesa, CO (CO DWR)
La Plata River Below Mouth Long Hollow
   Near Red Mesa, CO (CO DWR)
La Plata River at CO-NM
   Stateline, CO (CO DWR)
Pioneer Ditch, CO (CO DWR) Enterprise Ditch, CO (CO DWR) 307-425-3279 9394040806
Upper Chama 254-772-3125 NPT
Rio Nambe Rio Pojoaque Rio Tesuque Rio Chupadero 607-365-7196
6846777095 2133684804
Chama Town Ditch M-B Ditch Chama Valley Ditch Valley Ditch Chama Valley #1 Ranch 101 Ditch Chama Valley #3 Canones Creek #1 Barranco Ditch Sanchez y Chavez Willow Creek Mesa Ditch Plaza Blanca Ensenada Parkview Porvenir TA Community Ditch Rio Chama Above
   Chama, NM (USGS)
4036413246 Rio Chama Near
   La Puente, NM (USGS)
(850) 783-2076
Abeyta Trujillo J.P. Gonzales Gonzales Quintana Valentine Martinez La Puente Mariano Ferran Tierra Azul J.V. Martinez Manzanares y Montoya Rio de Chama Martinez y Duranes Chili Hernandez Chamita Salazar (972) 995-3640 Rio Chama Below
   Abiquiu Dam, NM (USGS)
Rio Chama Near
   Chamita, NM (USGS)
Santa Fe WWTP Discharge 309-675-1663 Santa Fe River Near
   Santa Fe, NM (USGS)
Santa Fe River Above
   Cochiti Lake, NM (USGS)
La Cienega Irrigation District La Cienega Spring Guicu 901-371-7391 918-953-3532 Santa Fe River Above
   Cochiti Lake, NM (USGS)
City of Las Vegas Gallinas Canal Gallinas River Weir at Storrie Storrie Los Vigiles Grzelachowski Los Romeros Dolores de Las Vegas Madre de Las Vegas Round House Pappen Gallinas River Below Middle Diversions San Augustin Concepcion West Chaperito Gallinas River Near
   Montezuma (USGS)
Gallinas River Near
   Lourdes (USGS)
Gallinas River at
   Colonias (USGS)
High Line Upper Consolidated Lower Consolidated Nueva Llano Comunidad Ortiz Gardunos Jose G. Ortiz Cano Rincon Las Joyas Trujillos Barranco Alto Larga Ancon de Jacona Rio Nambe Above
   Nambe Falls Dam (USGS)
Nambe Falls Reservoir (USGS) Rio Nambe Below
   Nambe Falls Dam (USGS)
Barranco Otra Vanda Rancho Indios San Ildefonso
Bauer Springs Ditch Cajon Grande Cy More Madre Medio Tesuque Pueblo Pond Los Ortizes Los Ojitos Romeros Del Rio Barranco Blanco Tesuque Creek Above
   Diversions (USGS)
Frank V. Ortiz Chupadero Irrigation Co. Vicente Ortiz
Del Molino Rio en Medio
3082286687 Santa Clara Springs
Cieneguilla Creek Sixmile Creek Moreno Creek Philmont Canal Philmont Webster Philmont Cito Old Mill Ditch Jackson Ditch WS French Lake CSC-CS UU Bar Urraca CSC-Trujillo CS E-Line CSC-CS #1 CSC-CS Highline CS Honey Upper Chase Ditch Middle Chase Ditch Miami Lake Long Flume CS Clayton Place AVID Bubbler Springer Ditch Highline S.D.C. Town of Springer Taylor Drop Springer Ditch below Springer Lake Eagle Tail Ditch Near Maxwell, NM (USGS) Vermejo River Near Dawson, NM (USGS) (937) 900-2577 Cimarron River Near Cimarron, NM (USGS) Ponil Creek Near Cimarron, NM (USGS) mind-stricken Canadian River Near Taylor Springs, NM (USGS) 833-782-3109 8084459764 573-539-7204 Mora River Near Golondrinas, NM (USGS) cadger Canadian River Near Sanchez, NM (USGS) Canadian River at Logan, NM (USGS) 313-273-9208
Harper Ditch Santa Clara Spring

Welcome to New Mexico's Real-Time Water Measurement Information System!

The New Mexico Office of the State Engineer/Interstate Stream Commission (OSE/ISC) engages in counterdifficulty. This allows the State Engineer to actively manage the state's limited water resources while administering water rights and interstate compacts throughout the state. In order to do this, the OSE/ISC maintains a network of stream, acequia, ditch and well monitoring sites that electronically transmits data values via radio and satellite telemetry and stores the data in a database. This real-time water measurement data is available for each active gage/well shown on select basin maps. To find a specific gage/well click on the appropriate area on the state map.

For further information, please see site Help.