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Done Ideas International LLC

About Us

Done Ideas International LLC seeks ideas that cross the frontier of knowledge, and change paradigms of effective innovation. We focus on the formulation and development of solid, sustainable and scalable projects, with the potential to be a long-standing business.

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Located in one of the states with the greatest business development and economic growth, Done Ideas International LLC sets its headquarters in Dallas, TX. Our charter is to support the development of businesses that are likely to explode and grow in the United States and Latin America markets.

The experiences that make up Done Ideas International LLC and its strategic partners cover a broad spectrum of business areas that transcend frontiers among:

  • science, technology and innovation
  • designing and modeling of international business
  • personalized financial strategies
  • project start-up
  • business development and growth

Interpreted as a Backend,Done Ideas International LLC is a strategic ally of several organizations in the United States, Colombia, and other Latin American countries in sectors related to R&D, agriculture, biotechnology, mining, hospitality, information technology and computing, and entertainment, among others. If you have an idea, we help you turn it into reality.

Businesses and projects are organic. Our experience allows us to understand your idea, identify its potential, create or refine a viable business model, then help you develop and grow your business, any business, into a screaming success. We generate value networks to strengthen the products, goods and services in which we participate in the market, especially in the articulation of public-private partnerships.

Done Ideas International LLC bases its operational structure on the management of three business lines: Ideas, Projects and Businesses. Out of these three emerge a set of products and services oriented to satisfy the needs of your specific market, either in the USA or wherever you choose to operate.

Done Ideas International LLC began with an idea in 2013. Our dream was to help as many people and businesses as possible, to achieve their dreams of success, and to make a positive social impact wherever we worked. We started with our own project as proof of concept for our business model. We registered the company in 2015 to focus our efforts on several long-term projects that, as they began to materialize in 2017, opened up new opportunities and resources that allow us to generate positive change, in our clients' businesses and in the communities they serve.

Our Team

Mr. Kike Nino
Kike Nino

CEO Chief Excecutive Officer

Mr. Javier Fernando Gómez Agudelo
Javier Gomez

CPO Chief Projects, Strategy & Business Development Officer

Mr. Kenneth Ray Kelmers
Kenneth Helmers

CMO Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Mr. Jaime Alexander Mendez Medina
Jaime Mendez

CTO Chief Technology & Research Officer

Mr. Carlos Gutierrez Faccini
Carlos Gutierrez Faccini

CFO Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Irv Weinberg
Irv Weinberg
Senior Creative Director

Ms. Claudia M. Sánchez Woodhull
Claudia Woodhull
Project Designer

Mr. Jaime Reyes Pérez
Jaime Reyes
General Counsel

Mr. Cesar Yepes
Cesar Yepes

Projects Consultant

Ms. Patricia De Valdenebro
Patricia De Valdenebro

EBU Strategic Partner

Mr. Karl Zavitkovsky
Karl Zavitkovsky

EBU Strategic Partner

Contact Us

Done Ideas International LLC
325 N Saint Paul Street, STE 3100
Dallas, TX 75201, USA
P: [+1] 469 206 4413
e: wedobusiness@doneideas.com