The frequency with which I have been becoming a rubber drone has been increasing recently.

There are many reasons why I feel horny and fulfilled when I am a rubber drone. I certainly enjoy the feeling of being covered in heavy rubber from head to toe, but it goes further than that. I love the feeling of readiness, and that of self-containment, especially when I have a Camelbak connected. Electro can also be connected to my cock and balls, or though an electro plug, and a remote box can easily be stashed in a pouch for remote stimulation. I have done this many times; often keeping in my hard dick inside the suit, keeping my load in there with me.

One of the most important things that I have is interaction with those who I see as my drone brothers. Quite often they have provided me with extremely horny interaction, or objectives to be achieved, keeping me going longer so that I cum more than once, or so that the horniness exists after the point of orgasm. I have taken programming from them that has been integrated to augment me.

As a drone I can be a top or bottom, dom or sub, it really depends on what is happening as a whole, for me, drone in itself does not determine this.


Full Rubber Drone