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Simple to use, yet feature-rich. Know where your leads are coming from and how they’re converting.

Accelerate lead conversion
Convert more leads into sales, for less money, with LeadScorz

What is LeadScorz

LeadScorz is a cloud-based lead management tool suite that effectively manages and accelerates lead response, and evaluates multichannel campaigns.


Bring all your lead generation channels together on one unique platform. LeadScorz connects with all your campaigns and sources, and with your CRM.


LeadScorz will dramatically reduce the time and costs of managing bad leads, by checking contact details and other form data in real time.


Know to the penny how much each conversion is costing you, by product, by source. LeadScorz tells you at a glance where you get the best return.


Radically increase your conversion rates by connecting with prospects by phone, email and SMS in seconds, not hours or days.

Simple CRM

Don’t have a CRM? The LeadScorz platform includes a simple CRM to manage your prospects, record your interactions and schedule events.

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Multichannel lead management

Multichannel lead management.

Multichannel lead management

To generate a sufficient number of leads, most companies need to adopt multiple online strategies. This typically includes email, organic search marketing, paid search marketing, display, ad retargeting, lead acquisition and affiliate networks.

A lead is created with the capture of an interested party’s contact details, typically via an online form and occasionally by a telephone operator who notes down and inputs the data. Sometimes the capture will take place on the company’s own website, and sometimes on a third party website. In the latter case, the lead data is subsequently transmitted to the company by API call, URL posting, XML feed or email.

LeadScorz accepts all lead posting methods, placing each new lead in a cloud-based process queue, to ensure complete data security. LeadScorz provides responses that communicate the lead delivery success and process status.

Lead Deduplication

Lead Deduplication.

Lead Deduplication

On reception of a new lead, LeadScorz first checks it against all existing leads in its own database, and then against existing leads in any external CRM. This ensures only genuine new leads are posted to your CRM, saving duplicated effort and eliminating database clutter. Where the duplicate lead is generated by a third party, it can be rejected immediately, avoiding paying for the same lead twice.

Lead Validation

Lead Validation.

Lead Validation

Bad leads waste time and money.

A lead is invalid either because the contact details are incorrect, or because it fails to meet your pre-established criteria.

LeadScorz ensures that new leads are contactable, before they waste your sales team’s time, checking telephone numbers against operator databases and confirming email addresses are working. It checks the logic of postal addresses and post codes. Optionally, it can integrate with third party databases, where available, to provide extra validation for postal addresses.

Crucially, LeadScorz validates all inbound leads against any criteria you establish. For each field on the form, you can easily create rules that decide whether or not to accept the lead.

LeadScorz dashboard

LeadScorz dashboard.

Lead Analytics

The most complex task in handling multichannel campaigns is to efficiently measure the relative performance of each channel.

LeadScorz’s lead analytics helps you identify trends and anomalies, and provides you with a clear view on the cost per sale of each channel, by product. Its customizable reports empower you to make informed, efficient decisions on marketing budget allocation, and tell you what you should be paying to third party lead aggregators and affiliates.

Lead Profile

Lead Profile.

Lead Profiling & Scoring

Over time, form and tracking data collected by LeadScorz allows you to profile leads to predict likely outcome, and to better customize marketing response and budget allocation.

Using profiles created from historical data, conversion data and analysis of data received, LeadScorz can apply a score to new leads before passing them to the CRM. This enables sales teams to prioritize those leads that have a higher potential to convert, or to assign the best person for a particular opportunity.

Lead Response Acceleration

Lead Response Acceleration.

Lead Response Acceleration

Various studies demonstrate that speed to contact is a key factor in improving the conversion from lead to sales.*

LeadScorz helps you respond to leads in seconds, rather than in hours or days.

For any new lead, LeadScorz can automatically send a customized email or SMS, or a telephone call using its integrated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solution.

The IVR solution can be used to hot transfer a new lead to your call center within seconds of the lead having been received, or can be used to allow the potential client to schedule the best time for them to be contacted. It can also be used to allow the potential client to invalidate the lead, saving any lead acquisition cost and the valuable time of your sales people.

*Perhaps the most important of these are Professor James Oldroyd’s studies Lead Response Management Survey (while at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University) and his 2007 Lead Response Management Study, performed while Dr.Oldroyd was at MIT.
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