A highly innovative crypto-exchange platform to buy, sell, deposit & withdraw cryptocurrencies. Users have the ability to pay and exchange as many viable FIAT currencies

Pre ICO - 17th Apr 2018

ICO - 07th May 2018

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How ANX works How ANX works

COINANX is an entirely new generation of cryptocurrency exchange platform. COINANX aims to make cryptocurrency payments direct and easy for anyone and from any location. COINANX will allow users to buy and sell all the major cryptocurrencies and will aim deposit of multiple FIAT currencies from various countries so that people can trade on a single exchange which will provide high liquidity levels and maximum convenience.

Solution Solution
  • Creating a singular platform exclusively for multiple fiat deposits

We ensure that multiple currencies from various countries will be accepted in this platform, with the first one integrated being INR, which is followed by AUD and then USD.

  • Increasing liquidity issues on exchanges

Since small exchanges won't have many traders, there will be low liquidity. Since we insist all the Fiat users convert their fiat currencies to ANX. Any user who deposits Fiat will be able to trade only with ANX coin. This will create a decent level of liquidity in the exchange; thereby the volatility of the coin will decrease.

Why CoinANX Why CoinANX

This platform facilitates participants to deposit their native Fiat currencies such as INR, AUD or USD and get an ANX coin along with the amount they have deposited through the Fiat currency. Only through the purchase of an ANX coin will the participants be able to buy other crypto currencies.

Cryptocurrency exchange
  • CoinAnx exchange will support and help in the conversion to and from a wide range of crypto coins. Currently we are including Bitcoin, Dash, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoins and other altcoins.

  • The exchange is designed and extremely committed to support many native currencies that can thrive in the economy. This is imperative to our vision as we intend to create the most convenient and most accessible cryptocurrency exchange.

ANX Tokens ANX Tokens
Why CoinAnx will bridge the gap?
  • This smart integration of multiple features alleviates the requirement to plan the use of crypto currencies in advance and gives the users complete flexibility and control as to when and where to best use their blockchain based assets.

  • Users can even withdraw their Fiat currency from time to time. Debit card users who tend to use virtual currencies in their everyday life, can seamlessly convert their virtual currencies into traditional fiat currencies at the moment of payment; while the integration into a Fast and reliable exchange enables easy converting between multiple currencies stored in the wallet, and offers seamless conversion into traditional fiat currencies.

  • CoinAnx aims to make Cryptocurrency payments direct and affordable for anyone from any region in the World. The multi-currency blockchain Wallet enables users and participants to deposit, store and manage all their crypto and Fiat assets.

Roadmap Roadmap
  • 2018

    MAR 2018 to JUL 2018
    • We believe that the Indian market is really huge and has got enough potential even though there are FUD around adapting cryptocurrencies in India.

    • The Australian Government is set to bring in regulations in the Cryptocurrency space which will inturn make it an excellent marketplace.

    • Considering the above statements, we will be enabling INR/AUD deposits into our exchange by adhering to the legal/regulatory obligations of the Indian and Australian Governments.

  • AUG 2018 onwards
    • Research on additional FIAT currency additions

    • Enhancements of User Interface & additional features as part of Continuous Improvement

    • Mobile application development


ICO Details ICO Details
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0.025 USD

Soft cap

1,000,000 USD

Hard cap

4,000,000 USD

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Sales start date

MAR 2018

Sales end date

MAR 2018

Minimum purchase amount

0.1 ETH or
0.01 BTC or
100 XRP

Maximum purchase amount

0.1 ETH or
0.01 BTC or
100 XRP

Token AllocationToken Allocation
Team & Advisors Team & Advisors


With a Dual degree and expertise in Law and Engineering, Gaurav Saxena provides legal advice to COINANX on matters pertaining to International law


Having multiple years of Technical experience with various Multi national companies in India, Europe & Australia , Sumit Biswas will be a great asset to the team


With an Engineering Masters from a prestigious institution & 3.5 years of experience in Infosys Ltd. Chennai, Felix will be working part time with COINANX to help with Business development


With a Bachelors in Engineering from a prestigious institution & few months of experience in a TCS, Chennai, Salman will be working part time with COINANX helping out Business development


Graduated from University of South Australia and PSG college of Technology. Specialises in high performance computing, platform and infrastructure. A versatile technical expert and early adopter of technologies.


Advisor with Management Consulting and Financial Service Experience in Australia.


With a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, Diana Sweety will be working towards marketing and promotions of COINANX and its features
Zahir Husin
Senior Blockchain Developer
Rathish M
Senior Blockchain Developer
Naveen Kumar
Blockchain Developer
UI/UX Designer
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