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The Carolina Web Company is your hometown specialist for  Charlotte Website Design, E-Commerce Shopping Carts, Real Estate Web Sites, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and more.

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Why The Carolina Website Design Company?

We bring fresh ideas for existing websites. we bring a commitment to quality, and professionalism, and results.  We will custom design your website. For your website design we will research your company, field, and geographic data. Your website will not look like every other one out there.  You will stand out.

Website design is what we do. We make your website better.  The internet, and ecommerce changes almost daily. What was fresh and new a couple of years ago, is old fashioned and static now.  There are new ways to generate traffic, and revenue to your site, and we know those ways. We not only know them, we pioneer them. Web design is a business of pioneers.  We will bring people to your site. We will design a website that will keep people coming to your site. We will list you with the search engines, so you can draw in people that you would never have found before.  We are as dedicated to our business, as you are to yours. Call now and find out why.

Charlotte North Carolina Website Design Specialists!

We Offer:
  • Custom Website Design. - We offer top quality custom websites to each of our clients. Unlike other website design companies, we do not charge you for the design concepts. Thats right, FREE DESIGN CONCEPTS. You don't like, you don't pay! This is a $300 value!

  • Website Hosting – One stop shopping. You commision it, we design it, build it, and host it. One, two three. Less work for you = more time for you to deal with the rest of your business.

  • Website Revamping – Don’t be caught in last year’s formats. It’s worse than white after Labor Day. Could your web site benefit from an RSS feed?  Has your development company offered one? Is it because you don’t need one, or because your check has cleared, on they’ve moved on?  We’re with you as long as you’re our customer. You are never past tense.

  • Database creation and management - MySQL, MS Access, database creation for added functionality.

  • Programming in Java, Javascript, PHP, ASA, HTML, XML, and many more. All have their place online. Do you know what’s best for you? does.

  • Top Results in a Timely Manner – We never overbook, or overcommit. From the moment you pick up the phone to call us, we’re with you and on task. 

  • Honesty, Courtesy, and Respect – It’s a shame that these basic principles need to be listed as selling points, but the sad truth is that many website designers do not know how to handle their clients in a personable mannor.