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Socks5 Protocol - Secure and Fast

Unlimited access and lightning fast speeds, maximum privacy, and zero logs.

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Support - Multiple Platforms

We support Windows, macOS and most Commonly used Linux Distributions.

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Transparency - Open Source

We don't hide behind proprietary applications. Our software is open source.

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About Shadowsocks

We have done the hard work for you….

Shadowsocks is often difficult to set up because it originated as a for-coders, by-coders tool. The software first reached the public in 2012 via Github, when a developer using the pseudonym “Clowwindy” uploaded it to the code repository. Word-of-mouth spread among other Chinese developers, as well as on Twitter, which has long been a hub for anti-firewall Chinese programmers. A community formed around Shadowsocks. Employees at some of the world’s largest tech companies—both Chinese and international—work together in their free time to maintain the software’s code. Developers have built third-party apps to run it, each touting various custom features.