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The Journal of Business, Industry, and Economics(JOBIE) is a publication of the Society of Business, Industry, and Economics (SOBIE).

Journal of business, industry, and economics (Online): ISSN 2379-3554
Journal of business, industry, and economics (Print): ISSN 2379-3562


The SOBIE mission is to encourage business faculty members to respond to current economic and market issues, and find practical solutions to the many problems business people and public policymakers confront. SOBIE invites both traditional and interdisciplinary research. Research is essential to the continuity and pursuit of knowledge. The seeds for economic growth, market innovation, more effective business practices, consumer trends, and greater profits often come from the ideas we germinate through our research. SOBIE is based on the idea that viable, peer-reviewed research at small colleges and regional universities needed to be recognized. Faculty, non-academic professionals, business people, doctoral candidates, graduate students, and undergraduate students should attend. SOBIE's journal, JOBIE is listed in Cabell's directory.


SOBIE was founded in 1999 by Doug Barrett and the late Jim Couch, both from the University of North Alabama, with about 30 participants from 5 schools. SOBIE is now the premier academic conference for small and regional universities, attracting participants from almost every state, several countries, businesses, and government agencies.

Student Research

Since its inception, SOBIE has made a commitment to advance the academic and career opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students. Research is an extension of the classroom, preparing the next generation of scholars - inspire their future, enhance their resume! Many small liberal arts colleges encourage their students to attend SOBIE to present their senior theses. SOBIE is especially proud of its long, impressive list of student alumni! Each year, several former SOBIE student presenters returned as professors. Please encourage them to make SOBIE a highlight of their academic career, preparing them for graduate study or their careers.