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Color Visualizer Tool

View our colors on buildings just like yours.

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Color Visualizer Tool

View our colors on buildings just like yours.

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How to Measure a Roof

Here is a quick video that will teach you how to measure roof panels, trim, and other required measurements we need in order to place your order.

Pathfinder Edge

Design trim from the job site. (Password Required – Call for info)

Snake River Metal has upgraded our AutoBrake to keep up with current technology. With our new AMS controls, we can now speed up the process that it takes to input your trim drawings into our brake. This will also allow us to make your trim quicker, cheaper and more accurately so that you get the trim you need at the price you want.

PathFinder Edge will allow you the ability to design your trim from the job-site or other remote location and send it directly to us for processing. No more trying to describe the custom trim over the phone, just to find out that we weren’t even on the same page.

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Roof Wizard

(Coming Soon)

Get the most accurate bid possible.

Roof Wizard allow us to take images via Google Earth, Drone, .pdf Architectural Drawings and Sketches that are labeled with dimensions (but maybe just not to scale) and turn those drawings into an accurate takeoff. That takeoff can then be turned into one of the most accurate bids that our industry has to offer. (Google images depend upon clarity & tree cover).


Snake River Metal offers delivery.

42′ Canopy w/ Jobsite Forklift,
48′ Flatbed – No Forklift,
22′ Flatbed w/ Jobsite Forklift